What we do
Add a New Revenue Stream - Without Cost or Risk to You

For over three decades, LifeCare has been helping companies expand their product portfolio with innovative long term care products, providing them a new stream of revenue while LifeCare absorbs all costs and risks associated with the launch and maintenance of the new product.

Every one of our clients has generated revenue with the long term care insurance product that we have developed for them, even while our clients have put forth no start up or ongoing capital and are not liable for the product's performance.

How do we accomplish this?

LifeCare offers both fully scalable, customized administration and solidly structured reinsurance under one roof: something no other company in the long term care industry can provide. We are in the unique position to develop products that pass all administrative costs through our reinsurance expenses. As a result, your company is left with a new revenue-generating product without the liability.

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In fact, we have successfully implemented programs for large-scale clients, including Fortune 500 companies and those with complex product portfolios. From our robust, streamlined approach to administering innovative new products to our unmatched industry-leading underwriting practices to our firmly established reinsurance solution, we remain unrivaled in the industry.

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