Job Title: Team Lead

Position Summary:

This position works closely with the team supervisor and provides day to day monitoring of team performance metrics and reports, taking appropriate action to remedy performance issues with minimal supervision.  The Team Lead monitors staffing, assigning work as needed to ensure that team and department quality standards, and internal and regulatory time standards are met, and modeling a sense of urgency in the meeting of these standards. This position requires the ability to make routine and complex decisions independently.  The Team Lead will provide constructive feedback to staff as required and training for new and existing employees, acting as the team’s technical claims resource. The Team Lead will provide performance feedback to the supervisor upon request.  The position will provide back-up for supervisory duties as needed and may require the management of an assigned case load. This job requires the ability to motivate and be a positive role model for others. 


Primary Responsibilities:

  1. Monitors reporting tools to ensure appropriate claim handling and team compliance with Internal and Regulatory time standards.
  2. Monitors staffing, reassigning files as needed in order to ensure team and departmental compliance in meeting Internal and Regulatory time standards.
  3. Demonstrates and instills in the team a purposeful, steady pursuit (sense of urgency) in meeting Internal and Regulatory time standards.
  4. Understands and consistently utilizes available resources in determining and managing claim direction and in providing instruction to the team.
  5. Has well-developed decision making skills and is confident in making routine and complex decisions independently, within the position’s scope of authority.
  6. Provides training and mentoring for new adjusters and for existing adjusters as required.
  7. Provides back-up for the Supervisor on tasks within the position’s scope of authority.
  8. Performs the duties of an Adjuster as required, managing an assigned claim caseload, independently and within normal business hours and maintaining a 99% or better overall accuracy, as measured by formal audit and Supervisors’ work review.
  9. Handles PHI appropriately, adhering to HIPAA regulations and Company standards.
  10. Attends staff meetings, employee development sessions and works on special projects as assigned.
  11. Upholds performance standards
    • Performs all job duties in accordance with deadlines established by management
    • Performs all job duties in accordance with departmental standards for accuracy, quality and productivity

Prerequisites for the Job:


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